Frequently Asked Questions

  • I cannot login. I do not know the password

    You create your own password. If you've already signed up, use the Forgot my password link (https://www.jaminars.org/users/password/new) to reset your password

  • How do I update the spelling of my name?

    (1) Click on Sign in Above
    (2) Click on the face icon on the top right
    (3) Go to My Account
    (4) Click on Profile
    (5)Update your personal information and hit save

  • How do I receive my Certificate of Completion?

    (1) Go to the All JAMINARS link
    (2) Find your JAMINAR
    (3) Click on LAUNCH JAMINAR
    (4) Sign Up (if you are a first time user) or Sign In (if you already created an account)
    (5) Watch the Live session or recorded video(s) (6) Click Save and Complete below the video
    (7) Complete the Assessment, by clicking Assessment on the left Menu and answering all the questions
    (8) Once you complete the assessment and follow the steps above you will see a congratulations message. Click GET YOUR CERTIFICATE
    (9) Click the Download PDF button below the Certificate button to save it to your computer
    10) You can also go to https://www.jaminars.org/account/certificates

  • How do I view my certificate?

    The certificate will be emailed to you and saved to your profile after completing the instructions above. To view your Certificates: Click on Sign in Above, click on the face icon on the right, go to your profile, and select Certificates on the left menu.

  • I do not see the assessment

    The assessment is posted at the end of the JAMINAR session. After the session is over, go to All JAMINARS, find your JAMINAR, click on Assessment on the left Menu

  • I completed the assessment but I did not receive a certificate

    Follow the instructions outlined above under "How do I receive my Certificate of Completion"

  • I am in a live JAMINAR and I cannot hear the speaker

    Adjust the volume by clicking on the stereo icon on the lower left of the screen

  • I am in a live JAMINAR how do I post a question?

    Click on the Discussions button on the top right and then click on the Create a Post button

  • Additional Questinos

    AFTER following the instructions above, If you are still unclear email jaminars@jdtan.org